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Posted on april 19th, 2011 by Rachid Lechheb

Woohoo!! Hitchie made it to the finals and will launch @TheNextWeb Startup Rally 2011 http://tnw.to/17qVt
Founders Carlo and Fabian Markaban about Hitchie: ‘These days there are all sorts of meetups and events. We’ve found out that professionals who are attending these events, often meet with people they already know, like colleagues or known business contacts. What they often don’t do is meeting interesting new people.’
Hitchie connects attendees face to face in an online speed network session before a physical event or meetup starts. While people are familiar with one another the threshold to launch into conversation during these events disappears, [...]

Press Release – Engagement that’s all

Posted on maart 2nd, 2010 by Rachid Lechheb

Pleaserobme.com, is a good example of how to start a conversation. Forthehack had two goals with launching pleaserobme.com. Engagement with the online privacy issue and with the brand, Forthehack. Social media help us, highly social animals, to get engaged. The rate at which new technology develops allows us to do more amazing stuff every day. It’s important to reconsider basic things like privacy at the same pace. Forthehack focuses on launching hacks that engage!
- Pleaserobme.com launched February 17th 2010 2.00 PM (GMT+1)
- Mentioned in more then 100.000 tweets
- More than 1 mio [...]

PleaseRobMe.com launched today!

Posted on februari 17th, 2010 by Rachid Lechheb

Yes, our first Hack is launched!
Last year the guys launched the app that answered the question:
Always wanted to know how big your e-Penis is?
People all over the world, including celebrities like Demi Moore, wanted to know what their size was.
Today the same guys, Barry Borsboom (@m0nk), Frank Groeneveld (@frankgroeneveld) en Boy van Amstel (@boyvanamstel) launched www.PleaseRobMe.com.

The first Hack is coming soon!

Posted on februari 2nd, 2010 by Rachid Lechheb

The Hack will be launched as soon as it’s ready to be used by the web savvy early birds!
So, the first release probably will not be perfect (far from that), but is good enough for the user to enjoy the core features
We cannot wait to get your feedback, but let’s launch first!