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Press Release – Engagement that’s all

Pleaserobme.com, is a good example of how to start a conversation. Forthehack had two goals with launching pleaserobme.com. Engagement with the online privacy issue and with the brand, Forthehack. Social media help us, highly social animals, to get engaged. The rate at which new technology develops allows us to do more amazing stuff every day. It’s important to reconsider basic things like privacy at the same pace. Forthehack focuses on launching hacks that engage!


- Pleaserobme.com launched February 17th 2010 2.00 PM (GMT+1)
- Mentioned in more then 100.000 tweets
- More than 1 mio unique visitors
- More than 4 mio hits on Google
- Explosion of coverage in online and offline media
- All happened in less than a week

In the press release we have included some relevant links. You can follow this link to get an idea of the conversation we started.

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  1. holy on 3 maart 2010 om 04:31

    holy shit!

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